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SXSW Gaming Expo: Day 2 and 3

28 Mar

SXSW has come and gone and every second of it was exhausting. Driving through Austin was an insane adventure everyday especially at the Gaming Expo were that had real live Mario Cart. It was basically just a make-shift go cart rink behind the Palmer Event Center but it still fulfilled childhood dreams. I never got to try it though due to bad weather on Saturday and a tight schedule on Sunday.

marvel coulson panel sxsw Saturday was amazing despite the weather and massive amount of people crowding the convention hall. The only panel I caught was Marvel and I’m so happy that I had the chance to witness it.  The panelist included TQ Jefferson, Arune Singh, Axel Alonso, Kristin Vincent, and Ryan Penagos.  One of the things they discussed was they their Augmented Reality App will be receiving an update. Basically, you hold your phone over a comic any time you see an AR code. An exclusive behind video is suppose to show. For those who’ve tried it, it’s not the greatest thing the world and surprisingly difficult to get the image aligned to make ANYTHING play.  Also discussed was the Marvel API.  If you’re a developer or REALLY into coding, this may be your thing. You have 70 years worth of Marvel’s history to play with.  Things were already pretty enjoyable but it only got better with guest appearances via Skype of  Brian Bendis and Agent Phil Coulson  Clark Gregg! They talked about their, answered questions and everyone fangirled.  It was a good panel.

3D Printed OwlThe rest of Saturday and Sunday was dedicated to wandering aimlessly around hoping for free things and being mesmerized by all the 3D printing companies. If you have several hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket you could even get a miniature version of yourself printed. It was actually a bit surprising how many companies dedicated to 3D printing were there. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before 3D printers are just as common as regular ones. They may even follow the same sale patterns of cheap printers but expensive “ink.”

It was a pretty good event that I enjoyed. A little more organized and a little more crowded than last year. I’m hoping next year to see more from NASA and maybe competing comic book companies stepping up their game. (*coughDCcough*) Regardless, I look forward to next year’s exhausting chaos that is the SXSW Gaming Expo.


SXSW Gaming Expo: Day 1

8 Mar

It’s not a huge secret, I’m a poor person. Every year SXSW in Austin, Texas makes me wish I was just well off enough to afford a badge. Since I can’t, I rely on free events! My favorite one by far is the SXSW Gaming Expo!

SXSW Guest Badge

SXSW Guest Badge

This year there’s real life Mario Cart, tons of panels, and a bunch of new free games. It’s a chance for new developers to show off their stuff! Also, did I mention the real life Mario Cart? I didn’t get to go today but trust me, there will be a full report for Day 2.

Steffie’s Star

Today we played around with Classroom Aquatic. It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. The goal is to cheat off other papers to pass a quiz. Also, you’re a dolphin. It was fun because it moved with your head movements.  It was really trippy. Also, the best part was just throwing stuff at all the other dolphin students.

Sam playing Classroom Aquatic

Sam playing Classroom Aquatic

Today was a short day for me but it was pretty darn fun. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Keeping Your Health Up

18 Feb

Health SteffieGoing to a convention is usually my excuse to eat lots of junk food, down a lot of coffee, and just pretend my healthy habits don’t exist. I’ve learned my lesson though and now strive to keep myself physically and mentally healthy.  This is just a few steps I use to take care of myself.

DRINK WATER. Seriously, I can’t stress this part enough. Hydrate yourself like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t care if a water bottle doesn’t match your beautifully made cosplay; find a way to always have water nearby. For an extra immunity boost, I suggest Emergen-C.Mix it with your water and you are set. I personally like to put slices of lemons in my water bottles. It’s refreshing, healthy, and quite delicious. This is espically important if you plan to go out drinking at night. I doubt you want to walk around a convention hall with a massive hangover.

FIND A GROCERY STORE. In an attempt to avoid fast food, I look for the closest grocery stores to wherever I’m staying. I’ll stock up on nuts, veggies, fruits, and some sweets to appease my sweet tooth.

STOCK UP. Before heading out, stock up on supplies like Emergen-C, Pepto-Bismol chewables, hand sanitazer, band-aids, a travel sized sewing kit, lots of water, and whatever you think you might need!

DON’T STRESS IT. The biggest thing is to not stress too much if you can’t stick with your plans to stay healthy all the time. Sometimes you have to cave in and grab that juicy burger and fries dipped in cheese. The point is to remember that you have options other than fast food and soda.

No matter where you’re going, just remember to take care of yourself. You are out to have fun and go on an adventure! Do your best to stay healthy and stay safe out there.


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